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  • This year our annual conference, Shoresh, will be in Zandvoort-on-Sea in the Netherlands!

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Imagine a method...
...beyond limitations...
...that improves how EVERY person learns...
...from the youngest child with Down Syndrome...
...to gifted students...
...and everyone in between...
...that unlocks university gates for students from
underprivileged backgrounds...
...and can also prevent dementia in the elderly... That method is FEUERSTEIN
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At the Feuerstein Institute, we believe that everyone - regardless of age, etiology or disability - has the immeasurable ability to enhance their learning aptitude and heighten their intelligence. To help others tap into their latent abilities, we employ the Feuerstein Method, a unique educational tool that has all ready helped hundreds of thousands of people to improve their learning, thinking and analyzing skills.

Feuerstein International Summer Workshop 2014

Register now to join the Feuerstein Institute this summer in beautiful Zandvoort-on-Sea, the Netherlands for the 35th Annual International Summer Workshop!

Interested in having the Feuerstein Assessment Team meet with your child?

The Feuerstein Institute will once again be offering a limited number of assessments during the International Summer Workshop. Please click here to learn more about the evaluation and register your child.


The Feuerstein Institute is an international education, treatment and research center, dedicating to helping people reach beyond their manifest potential through use of the Feuerstein Method.


Research is at the core of the Feuerstein Institute's activities. We are continually engaged in developing new applications for the groundbreaking Feuerstein Method, and evaluating current programs in an effort to maintain our high standard of ser...
Professor Reuven Feuerstein (1921-2014) Professor Feuerstein was the Founder and Chairman of the Feuerstein Institute. A clinical, developmental and cognitive psychologist, he is responsible for the vision, concepts, practices and substance of wh...
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