The Feuerstein Method, which improves learning and problem-solving skills, has proved to be a tremendous boon to global corporations and developing countries. Since the 1980’s, commercial, governmental and military industries have chosen to improve their employees’ cognitive skills with the Feuerstein Method. In China, India, South America, Africa and Canada, companies are gaining a competitive edge by improving the functioning of their workers.

The first company to use the Feuerstein Method in the workplace was car manufacturer Peugeot of France. When the company switched from mechanical to computerized manufacturing methods, they consulted with Professor Reuven Feuerstein, who developed the Feuerstein Method for use in the workplace.

How does it work? Usually, dynamic assessment is used to locate the employees with the greatest learning potential and they are then re-trained in their professional field. At the same time, they are trained how to learn and think with the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Tools. Technicians, for example, need to learn how to run the machinery under their care, but also how to analyze equipment breakdowns, develop hypotheses for the possible causes of the breakdown, and formulate a plan for systematically testing the various hypotheses. The Instrumental Enrichment Tools teach them how to attack problems like these. The applications of the Feuerstein Method in the workplace are broad – for example, the Method has been used to enhance manual-writing and to improve pilots’ flying performance.

Using the Feuerstein Method, businesses have seen dramatic turnarounds in equipment maintenance, employee satisfaction and the bottom line.

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