"The Feuerstein Method can help EVERYONE improve how they learn."

The Gifted

The Feuerstein Method can bring about a complete turnaround in gifted underachievers. These are frequently children referred to the Institute due to behavioral and learning problems, but during the assessment it becomes clear that they are highly intelligent. Gifted children may be bored in class, cease to pay attention and eventually fall behind. Soon they are labeled problems and lose confidence in their ability to learn.

The Feuerstein Method can have an electrifying effect on such children. The Dynamic Assessment reintroduces the gifted child to his own ability to learn and restores feelings of confidence and mastery. The assessment covers all areas of cognition, including inferential thinking, memory, concentration, and organization. The assessment is done by a mediator who works through the assigned tasks with the child and gives feedback that enables the child to see his cognitive abilities at work and improve his skills on the spot. Most gifted children find the assessment highly empowering.

After the assessment, Feuerstein professionals will work with the child’s parents and teachers to show them how to encourage the child’s development. In the majority of cases no follow-up therapy is indicated, although occasionally we will prescribe a short course of cognitive exercises to be done with a trained Feuerstein professional, to help the gifted child get back on track and make the most of his abilities.


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