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Amir is a highly successful program which helps Ethiopian Israelis adapt to and succeed in the Israeli Army (IDF). Ethiopian recruits frequently underperform on standardized tests, and hence get assigned to units that don’t make full use of their innate abilities. Unsurprisingly, many are unmotivated soldiers and have difficulty completing their service. The IDF, seeking a way to help these soldiers reach their potential, turned to the Feuerstein Institute. Since then, thousands of soldiers have attended an intensive training seminar in which they undergo dynamic assessment of their abilities with a Feuerstein professional, and then develop their cognitive skills and learning strategies using the Instrumental Enrichment tools developed at the Feuerstein Institute. After the training seminar they are re-tested by the army and have personal interviews aimed at finding them the most suitable jobs possible.

IDF statistics demonstrate that graduates of the course have significantly better service records than their peers who did not partake in the AMIR program. When they finish their army service, the AMIR graduates take their acquired skills with them and are better prepared for careers in the outside world.

An AMIR student reports, “I learned how to analyze problems, how to gather all the necessary information before coming to a decision, and even how to control my impulsiveness…I learned more in this month than in 12 years of school.”

For more information about the Amir program, please email or call +972-2-569-3313

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