Hazon Partnership and Marriage Preparation Program

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This cutting edge program provides guidance and training on how to establish and maintain lasting and intimate relationships with members of the opposite gender. Once a serious couple forms, we provide additional counseling in all matters relating to starting a family and running a household. To date, two couples have married and another three are on the path to engagement. The program has grown, and now has fifty participants, with a long waiting list to join as we open additional locations around Israel.

“The most fundamental right and one of the greateJay Ruderman April 2014 II Credit Noam Galaist joys in life is the ability to marry someone you love and build a life together, yet marriage for people with disabilities is often a foreign concept for most of our society.  The Partnership and Marriage Preparation Program, a partnership between the Ruderman Family Foundation and the Feuerstein Institute, seeks to push society’s boundaries by encouraging marriage for people with disabilities.  We believe that a fully inclusive society includes the right to marry for all members of our community.” - Jay Ruderman, President, Ruderman Family Foundation

(Photo of Jay Ruderman: Noam Galai)

To learn more about Hazon Partnership and Marriage Preparation Program, please contact Mani Pollak at: manip@icelp.org.il or +972-569-3311.

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