Modern medical technology enables people to reach significantly higher age than in previous generations. However, physical age is not always coupled with mental fitness. We face a growing population of aging people with cognitive deterioration - issues such as dementia and Alzheimer's desease are prominent in public awareness and discussion. According to the WHO, dementia is set to triple to more than 100 million people worldwide by 2050. With the loss of memory, thinking skills and functioning comes a loss of human dignity - loss of cognition is perceived by aging people as an existential threat to their personality.

And memory issues don't start at retirement age - how many of us know how annoyed we are when we forget names, faces, events...

The Feuerstein Method, which focuses on thinking and learning skills,  is now being put to use to "re-start the engine" of learning and functioning in elderly people. Programs implemented on elderly populations have shown very beautiful results.

With the ease and flexibility of the Instrumental Enrichment tools, the Method lends itself to a variety of implementations, from group settings in elderly day care centers to one-on-one therapy in the home environment.As Instrumental Enrichment is administered as a paper-pencil tool, it is easily adopted by the elderly population.


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