The goal of the Feuerstien Institute's Clinical Services is to help children and adults overcome cognitive, emotional, psychological and social disabilities. Each therapy regimen is tailored to the specific needs of our client; there are no "one size fits all" solutions. Our multidisciplinary staff strives to identify and maximize their latent potenial, with a view towards integration to the greatest possible extent.

We offer several integrated and intensive treatment plans targeted at significantly improving the functioning of children with Down Syndrome, Autism and various other genetic and developmental disabilities.
At the Center for Cognitive Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured, we strive not only to return our clients to near normative function and return to them the ability to pursue their passions.
The School of Continuing Education prepares young adults with special needs with the tool and training they need to find and take their place in the world.
The Feuerstein School is a fully accredited school serving children with special needs from age 6-21.
The newest development of the Feuerstein Method is the work on the slow-down of cognitive degeneration (Dementia) by re-training cognitive functions, and thereby learning, in elderly people.
The Feuerstein Institute | The International Institute for the Enhancement of Learning Potential
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