An Innovative model for the Dynamic Neurocognitive Rehabilitation for individuals with Acquired Brain Injury


This article presents the work carried out at the Feuerstein Institute in Jerusalem with people who have suffered Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). Over the last decade 105 people suffering from ABI have been treated: 61 people after a traumatic brain injury, 20 people after cerebrovascular accident, 11 after anoxic brain damage, 9 after brain tumours and 4 suffering from ABI, due to different diseases. The neurocognitive rehabilitation approach is based on
Reuven Feuerstein’s theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability (SCM). The theoretical and practical aspects of working with this population are expounded, and examples of treatment descriptions based on case studies are included.

We will explain the special value of working in the dynamic neurocognitive rehabilitation approach with the population of Acquired Brain Injured clients after they have completed the hospitalized rehabilitation phase.

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