LPAD - Learning Propensity Assessment Device

The Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD) is an assessment procedure and set of instruments which enable the practitioner to evaluate and identify an individual's cognitive functions and reasoning skills. It is based upon the theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability, which purports that intelligence is dynamic and modifiable, not static or fixed. As it focuses on the learner's potential rather than their current level of performance, the LPAD is a viable alternative to static IQ tests.

Unlike standardized tests, which are product-oriented, the LPAD is process-oriented. It investigates how the learner thinks, rather than seeking quantifiable answers. Instead of comparing the learner's performance to age norms, learners are compared only to themselves at different times and in various conditions. The outcome of the LPAD is a descriptive profile of modifiability that includes the area and degree of cognitive change. The results of the assessment are utilized to recommend a course of psycho-educational intervention, which often includes Instrumental Enrichment.

LPAD training is intended for psychologists, educational assessors, speech and occupational therapists, and other clinical professionals. The training process includes acquaintance with LPAD instruments, supervised assessment experience, and writing of reports. 

Certification as an LPAD Assessor requires attendance of all 3 modules of LPAD training including supervised assessment.

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July 7-18, 2019
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