LPAD Basic Modules 1&2

LPAD Basic Modules 1&2 (July 1-12, 2018)

(Theory and Instrument components)


LPAD course is intended to clinical, educational or vocational specialists authorized to function as assessors in their country. Candidates for participation in LPAD course should provide documentation confirming the correspondence of their scope of practice to the national (or regional) licensing requirements. Preference will be given to candidates with previous study of Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (IE Standard or IE Basic). Applicants are en­couraged to read in advance the theoretical material available here and in Feuerstein R. et al. (2002) The dynamic ass­ess­ment of cognitive modifiability, Jerusalem: ICELP, available to order through Feuerstein Publishing House.

Advanced Reading:

Course Syllabus:

  • Theories of development
  • Theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability
  • Criteria of Mediated Learning Experience
  • Emergent cognitive functions.
  • Advanced theory of mediation for dynamic assessment of young children;
  • Study and practice with LPAD Basic instruments:  Part-Whole;
  • Functional Part-Whole; Concept Formation by inclusion and by elimination; Inferential Thinking, Progressions; Picture Sequence, Puzzles; Spatial Orientation; Complex Figure, Mazes, Human Figure Drawing, Associative Recall; Visual Transport, Reversal Test.
  • Analysis of profiles of modifiability
  • Principles of LPAD Basic report writing

Learning Materials:

Course participants will receive an LPAD-Basic assessment manual, a set of LPAD-Basic tasks and recording forms, and a CD with theoretical material and bibliography of LPAD studies.


Upon completion of the course graduates will receive a Certificate of Attendance of theory and instruments component of the LPAD. Certification as an LPAD Assessor will require participation in the Supervised LPAD Assessment Workshop (45 hours) that will be offered during the academic year 2018/19 at various Feuerstein Authorized Training Centers and also at the Feuerstein Institute, in Jerusalem in January 2019.

Course Fee:


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The Feuerstein Institute reserves the right to cancel any courses which fail to meet the minimum participation requirement. Fees for courses cancelled by the Institute will be refunded.

Full attendance of training activities is required. Evaluations will be carried out and certificates distributed at the end of the Summer Workshops.


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