• Shoresh International Workshops

The Feuerstein Institute began hosting an annual international summer workshop in 1979.  Now in its 42nd year, the Shoresh International Summer Workshop has become the pinnacle event in the annual Feuerstein training calendar.

Over the course of this two week gathering, more than a dozen courses are offered in all aspects of Feuerstein training – Instrumental Enrichment, the Learning Propensity Assessment Device and the newly designed Tactile program for learners with ADHD. Educators, psychologists and specialists from a number of disciplines are given the chance to learn at the hands of the foremost experts and leading professionals in the Feuerstein Method. Shoresh is also an opportunity for Feuerstein Professionals to meet and learn from their peers. It is attended by hundreds of people every year, from all continents.

Join the Feuerstein Institute in Rome, July 5-17, 2020!

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