• Feuerstein International

Due to its ease of use and adaptability, the Feuerstein Method has been successfully applied to a variety of settings in more than 40 countries worldwide. Educational institutions use the method as a part of their curriculum, to enhance their students' thinking skills. As a therapeutic intervention tool, the method is focused to help clients overcome disabilities that prevent the learning process, in order to improve their functioning and integration. For the elderly, the Feuerstein Method helps to prevent cognitive deterioration and dementia.

The Feuerstein Institute runs several large-scale impementations of the Feuerstein Method in educational and comercial/workplace settings around the globe, working with both governments and private sector entities. The Method is applied by professionals and companies around the world, reaching from Brazil to Finland, and from USA to Australia.

The Feuerstein Method is taught at several universities around the world including: University of Florence, Italy; University of Antwerp, Belgium; Charles University, Czech Republic; and many others.


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