LPAD Trainers 1


LPAD Trainers 1 course is intended for clinical, educational or vocational specialists who wish to become LPAD trainers and supervisors of LPAD practice. LPAD Trainers 1 course is the first step toward certification as an LPAD Trainer who can deliver LPAD courses either in the context of an Authorized Training Center or by signing as Associate LPAD Trainer agreement directly with Feuerstein Institute.


Clinical, educational or vocational specialists who successfully finished studying LPAD theory and all  LPAD Standard instruments and who submitted to the Feuerstein Institute six LPAD reports using majority of these instruments. Preference will be given to specialists with previous IE experience. Graduates of LPAD Trainers-1 course commit themselves to gaining experience as LPAD co-trainers either directly with Feuerstein Institute or in the context of ATC that has LPAD training agreement with the Feuerstein Institute.

Six LPAD reports (in English) should be submitted to the Feuerstein Institute 90 days before the start of the course. Reports will be examined by the professional committee of the Feuerstein Institute.

Course Syllabus:

  • Strategies and formats for training   SCM and  MLE in the context of LPAD courses
  • Theory of dynamic assessment
  • “Normative” and deficient cognitive functions
  • Integration of operational concepts (Cognitive Functions, Cognitive Map, parameters of MLE) into practice
  • Didactics of teaching LPAD instruments: phases, functional goals, mediation strategies
  • Processes for registration and summarization of LPAD data from instruments
  • Observation and analysis of LPAD training
  • Formulating results of LPAD assessment and recommendations
  • Introduction to profiling modifiability
  • Developing LPAD training strategies: practice activities, constructing comparative tables, case conferencing

Learning Materials:

Course participants will receive a new LPAD assessment manual, CD with theoretical material and bibliography of LPAD studies. The course participants are expected to bring their own set of LPAD task booklets and recording forms.


Upon completion of the course graduates will receive a Certificate of Attendance of LPAD Trainers-1 course. Certification as an LPAD Trainer will require participation in the supervised co-training experience and LPAD Trainers-2 course.

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