Tactile IE

Tactile Instrumental Enrichment (Tactile IE) reintroduces IE through a multi-sensory approach which includes touch, motion and sound. This kinesthetic approach has proven especially successful for working with clients diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in addition to the visually impaired. Parrticipants in this course are encouraged to have some familiarity with IE or IE Basic, and to read up on the theoretical material on the Feuerstein Method.

Sample Syllabus

  • Multi-sensory approach (touch-motion-sound) in IE tactile programs

  • Advantages of kinesthetic and tactile modality in mediation

  • Demonstration of tactile exploration as a tool for focusing, organizing and ordering the explorative process in ADD, ADHD and visually impaired learners

  • Tactile IE as a new tool for articulating active explorative behavior in children with motivational problems

  • Tactile IE symbolic representation as a tool for advancing mental imagery and conceptualization

  • Cognitve and motivational aspects of learning processes in children and adults with ADD/ADHD and visual problem

  • Assessment of cognitve modifiability using tactile tasks

  • Comprehensive instruction in the use of Tactile IE instruments


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