IE Trainers-2

Instrumental Enrichment Trainers 2 (IE Trainers-2) is the second of two required courses for those seeking to become and Instrumental Enrichment Training Professional. This course is open to those who have successfully completed IE Trainers-1, and can submit evidence of at least 45 hours of work as an IE co-trainer, a standard report of IE training and supervision, two training lesson plans and any articles or media materials is applicable. All candidates must be approved by the Feuerstein Institute.

Sample Syllabus

  • Didactics of teaching the theory of SCM and the theory of MLE

  • Mediation in teacher training

  • Didactics of teaching cognitive function and the Cognitive Map

  • Differential use of the IE program with various student populations

  • Observation and critical analysis of IE training sessions

  • Supervised teaching of selected topics to IE-1 course particpants

  • The system-oriented approach and "bridging"  cognitive princples to various curricular areas

  • Strategies presenting the IE program to various "clients" (teachers, princpals, parents, etc)

  • Promotion of the IE program and the organization of an ATC

  • Quality assurance in IE training

  • Group discussion of participants' teaching and training experiences

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