IE Basic Trainers-1

Instrumental Enrichment Basic Trainers 1 (IE Basic Trainers-1) is the first of two required courses for those seeking to become a training professional in IE Basic. The course is open to graduates of IE Basic-1 and IE Basic-2 who can submit evidence of at least 100 hours of IE Basic work, using at least 9 of the instruments. Additionally, potential participants must submit a standard report of IE Basic implementation, two lesson plans and any articles or media materials if applicable. Program participants must be assessed and approved by the Feuerstein Institute.

Sample Syllabus

  • Analysis of IE Basic tasks and the didactics of teacher

  • Detection of children's emergent cognitive function during IE Basic lessons

  • Techniques of observation and evaluation of IE Basic interactions on the basis MLE criteria

  • Didactics of training teachers in "bridging" IE Basic principles to kindergarten and primary school curricula

  • Observation and analysis of IE Basic training sessions

  • Didactics of teaching theoretical aspects of MLE and IE

  • Simulation of training sessions and analysis

  • Quality assurance in IE Basic training

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