• Training in the Method

The Feuerstein Institute teaches people the art of learning; how to think, how to gather information, how to analyze. We teach the knowledge which provides the skill set to become a superior learner.

To be a teacher or therapist in today's society is more challenging than ever before. There are more discipline problems, more special needs students, more student diversity, more time pressures. Today's practitioner needs a new solution, one that offers better tools to effect meaningful change.

That solution is the Feuerstein Method. The method, which combines a positivist approach with our specialized instruments, empowers learners to push beyond their preconceived limits and achieve more than they dared to hope. More than any other cognitive program, it has withstood the test of time, having been used to help dramatically transform hundreds of thousands of children and adults for more than half a century.

Designed with ease of use and versatility in mind, the Feuerstein Method can be learned by anyone who wishes to undertake the learning process.

IE is a cognitive intervention program that can be used in both clinical settings and in the classroom.

The LPAD is an assessment tool which allows the practitioner to evaluate and identify an individual's cognitive functioning and reasoning skills.

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