Tactile IE

The Tactile IE program is a hands-on, interactive and engaging learning solution for the visually impaired and those who learn better by touch (ADHD). 

What it is

An adaptation of the Feuerstein IE tools, Tactile IE is a learning intervention that uses touch and movement in order to enable those with ADHD or visual impairment (even blindness) to explore the world around them in an orderly and clear manner to develop critical thinking skills.

How it works

Tactile IE for learners with ADHD

Learners with ADHD suffer from an overload of information, which clogs up the critically important phases of Input and Elaboration.
By forcing learners to rely only on touch and movement, we train their brain to explore, structure and process information in a sequential and organized manner.

By forming tactile images in the brain and comparing those to our regular image library, we develop and use complex cognitive processes such as exploration, comparison, hypothetical thinking and logical reasoning – processes that are sometimes extremely difficult to do for ADHD learners. These form the basis for healthy and structured learning processes.

Tactile IE for Visually Impaired

Visually impaired learners often lack the knowledge of the world as it is experienced by seeing people. When visually impaired from birth, their ability to perceptually integrate objects and concepts is impaired too.

There are very few learning tools to teach thinking and learning skills which are geared toward the visually impaired learner. By using raised images and shapes, combined with Feuerstein MLE (Mediated Learning Experience), students are given powerful tools to develop their learning skills, even when lacking vision.


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