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Assessment (LPAD)

All Feuerstein programs begin with assessment. 

How it works

The Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD) is a series of activities used to determine how an indiviual learns. The test allows for the evaluators to observe and record how the examinee learns by deciphering which methods of teaching they best respond to, and how much observed learning is retained as they are presented with new and more challenging tasks. In scoring this exam, our evaluators are presented with a clear picture of how the examinee thinks and learns, and the most effective way to tap into their latent learning potential.

The LPAD battery consists of several instruments; the evaluator has the freedom to choose as many of them as the examinee responds to. As they respond, the evaluator gains information which helps them to develop theories about the exminee's needs and functions, and uses this insight in selecting and analyzing their performance in subsequent instruments. As such, the amount of time required for assessment and the number and range of instruments may vary a great deal. 

Why it's different

The LPAD is different from traditional educational and psychological evaluations in that we determine the examinee's potetial not from scores or single responses, but from observations of repeated responses to tasks, and from utilizing mediation to teach the examinee how to solve problems and correctly respond.

The LPAD not only measures potential, but also provides perspective on the best methods of intervention for the examinee's learning ability to grow. The LPAD instruments include all of the important forms of information processing - verbal, pictoral, numerical, figural, symbolic and graphic. How an examinee combines them tell us much about their individual style of learning. 

Want to learn more?

For an in-depth description of the Learning Propensity Asessment Device, click here. 

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