"People are living longer than ever before; we strive to help them preserve their mind and their dignity. "
Professor Louis Falik's Story

For the Feuerstein Institute's Professor Louis Falik, adapting the Feuerstein Method for use with the elderly was a very personal project.

In 1998, Professor Falik began to notice signs of dementia in his elderly mother. Five years earlier, she has survived a stroke, but failed to follow it up with cognitive rehabilitation. In seeing her rapidly decline, Professor Falik made the decision to intervene. As a psychologist and one of the foremost experts in the Feuerstein Method, Professor Falik already knew how effective Instrumental Enrichment could be. He began to sketch out a plan, using the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment tools, to help his mother regain her cognitive abilities.

Professor Falik's plan got off to a slow start - at first, his mother was confused as to why he was there, what they were working on, and why. Professor Falik explained to her over and over what they were doing, heavily emphasizing to her the importance of what the program could do, and the ability it could restore to her. Sure enough, after a month, he witnessed truly amazing results, as she regained her awareness of time and space as well as her expressive language. The staff and even the children of the other residents in her group home began to take notice. A great number of them asked Professor Falik if he would be able to work with their parents, as well.

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