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Penina's Story

Penina, age 22, immigrated with her family from Ethiopia to Israel as a young child. She lives in Ashkelon with her parents and six siblings. Her mother is employed as a nanny, and her father is a gardener. Penina's parents cannot read or write, but came to Israel hoping to make a better life for their children. It is their dream that all of their children succeed and achieve more than they themselves were able.

Early in her high school career, Penina took a law class. It sparked in her a love of the law, and it became her dream to one day be a lawyer. She worked hard through school to ensure that she would have the necessary grades to be admitted to university in order to realize her dream.

After completing her National Service, Penina took the SATs, which were required for admission to the university's department of Law. Despite her excellent grades, her SAT scores fell well below what she needed to be admitted into the prestigious department. Penina was about to give up on her dream when she heard about the Feuerstein Institute's Academic Integration program. She met with the program staff and underwent a rigogrous dynamic assessment and vocational consultation, both which confirmed that Penina would be an excellent candidate for law school. Thanks to the Academic Integration program, Penina, currently in her 3rd year of  legal studies, has been given an oppertunity to realize both her potential and her dream.

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