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Feuerstein in the African Workforce

The Feuerstein Method has been put to great use throughout several African countries, to boost their workforce and increase productivity.

One African country had a tremendously difficult time with the maintenance of their electronic systems. Every year, they would send their machines to Europe for service because their house technicians were unable to repair them. In an effort to retrain their technicians, they sent them to study electronics in London for three years. No significant change was reported.

Then they discovered Feuerstein. Our specialists went to the African country and used the LPAD, Feuerstein’s special dynamic assessment, to identify the technicians with the greatest learning potential for the job. Over seven months, the Feuerstein Method was integrated into their training for three hours every week. This project completed ten years ago. Since then, not a single piece of equipment has left the country; their top notch technicians are able to handle all repairs.

In another African country, the government employed the Feuerstein Institute to use the LPAD, our dynamic assessment, to identify  from among its recent high school graduates those with the greatest potential to become combat pilots. Instrumental Enrichment was incorporated into their two year training program. The percentage of completion was quite high – 70% of the candidates we selected finished  the program and went on to serve as combat pilots.

In six African countries, the Instrumental Enrichment program has been used to tremendous success in the domain of fault finding in technical systems to diagnose problems. The LPAD was used to identify high level users, and Instrumental Enrichment was integrated  over two to three years. There were no dropouts from this program.

Due to the achievements  that the Feuerstein Method has enjoyed in Africa, a number of LPAD assessors and IE instructors have received training. Industry experts rave of the excellent work they have done.

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