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For more than half a century, the Feuerstein Institute has been dedicated to the task of helping people realize their potential and claim their rightful place in society. Read their stories here.

Read about Noam, a young boy with Down Syndrome who, with the help of the Feuerstein Institute, went from being agressive and non-verbal to a sweet, active child who is enrolled in a mainstream school. 

Read about Penina, who with the help of the Feuerstein Institute, is realizing her dream of studying law at Bar Ilan University.

Discover why the Feuerstein Institute's efforts in slowing down and preventing dementia in the elderly is so near and dear to Professor Louis Falik.

Learn about Laurent, who survived a terrorist attack and was able to realize his dream of opening a cafe after undergoing cognitive rehabilitation at the Feuerstein Institute. 
















Read about Laurent, who survived a terrorist attack and realized his dream to open a cafe after undergoing rehabilitation at the Feuerstein Institute.










Laurent, age 40, moved to Israel with his family from France at age 18. For years, he worked in private catering and managed a cafe in Jerusalem's city center. He was a very social young man who dreamed of opening his own cafe in downtown Jerusalem.

Read about Joel, the brave young man who fought for his rightful place in society, and with the help of the Feuerstein Institute, attained it.

Learn how the Feuerstein Method was used to revolutionize the training of airplane technitions.

Discover how the Feuerstein Method has been used to revitalize the Africa workforce.

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