Professor Roman Gouzman

Director of Tactile Instrumental Enrichment

Roman Gouzman is the Head of Tactile Instrumental Enrichment at the Feuerstein Institute. Professor Gouzman posses a unique combination of expertise in Cognitive Psychology, Physics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Mass Media Education, and holds degrees in Cognitive Psychology (PhD), Physics and Electrical Engineering (MSc) and Science Education (MA). An expert in the Multi-Sensory approach for ADHD and blind learners, Professor Gouzman is the creator of the Tactile Mediated Learning and Tactile Instrumental Enrichment tools. He has also developed new methods to improve focusing and developing of adequate mental imaging in ADHD learners. Professor Gouzman is a member of a number of scientific organizations and a creative inventor. He has been awarded a the European IST first prize for VirTouch, a computer screen-mouse for the sight-impaired, and holds three patents in the United States and Europe.

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