Note from Feuerstein in New Zealand

Since launching our Feuerstein Trainings in New Zealand this summer, the Institute has trained hundreds in the Feuerstein Method. We are pleased to share with you a bit of feedback from Kepa Maika, who shared this post on Facebook with the 'Feuerstein in New Zealand' group on December 12, 2014.

"Well I have to say that this term was hands down, easily the best in my entire short 10 year teaching career.

It was unbelievable the amount of epiphanies the kids were having and it was happening on a daily basis.

I want to thank the Feuerstein method for helping me love teaching again because when you have four boys out of five say that their favourite thing this year about school was whakarite tongi (Organisation of Dots) and Mai i te tahi ki te rōpu (From Unit to Group) then you know you have got something special.

I can't wait to connect with more Feuesteiners next year at the basics 2 training see you all there.

By the way we had our ERO review on the Tuesday the 9th of Dec and there was nothing but praise for the method and I have only had it going for 2 months so I can't wait till the report comes out.

Anyway FPs (Feuerstein Peep) I hope you have a wonderful Xmas and I'll see some of you in the New year. Aroha nui ki a koutou."

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