Engagement Announcement

It is with great pleasure that we share with you news of the engagement of two of the Feuerstein-Ruderman Hazon Partnership and Marriage Preparation Course participants, Mor and Yuval.

Mor (27) and Yuval (in his early 30s) have been a part of the Hazon program from the very beginning, three short years ago. They began dating about six months into the program.

Mor originates from Gush Etzion, and is also a graduate of our Feuerstein People to People Employment Preparation Program. Following an exceptional turn as an intern, Mor is now employed at the Feuerstein School.

Yuval is from Netanya, and has been with the Feuerstein Institute for eight years. He has participated in numerous program offered through the Feuerstein Residential Rehabilitation facility, including volunteering for army service and completing his matriculation degree at the Mitchell Evening School. For the past several years, Yuval has been employed as a sous chef at Papagaio Restaurant in Jerusalem.

With wedding plans underway for later this year, we raise a glass and toast to the success of this extraordinary couple! 

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