2014 Special Issue of the Transylvanian Journal of Psychology

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the 2014 Special Issue of the Transylvanian Journal of Psychology on the 'Clinical and Educational Applications of Reuven Feuerstein's Mediated Learning Theory'. It contains a unique collection of scientificpapers regarding the current scientific evidence status of Reuven Feuerstein’s intellectual heritage, and a tribute to his life which sadly was interrupted when he passed away in April, 2014. Links to the abstracts are included below. A full electronic version can be found via Ebsco Academic Search Complete.

A 220 page paperback version can be ordered at the publisher, Department of Applied Psychology of the Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, mailto:kinga.szabo@ubbcluj.ro

EPSZ Special Issue/2014

1. Jo Lebeer - Editorial. Clinical and educational implications of Reuven Feuerstein’s Mediated Learning Experience Theory: current scientific evidence

2. Robert J. Sternberg - The Current Status of the Theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability in Relation to Theories of Intelligenc

3. Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) and Cognitive Modifiability: Theoretical Aspects and Research Applications TZURIEL, DAVID // Transylvanian Journal of Psychology; 2014 Special Issue, p15

Feuerstein's concept of Mediated Learning Experience is defined as a unique mode of interaction between the mediator (e.g., parent, teacher or peer) and the learner. It starts from a very early age in the spontaneous interactions between parents and their children, or grandparents with...

4. Modifiability and mediated learning in the light of neuroscientific evidence of ecological plasticity.
LEBEER, JO // Transylvanian Journal of Psychology; 2014 Special Issue, p51 

This article explores the concept of ecological plasticity in relation to cognitive modifiability and mediated learning. Although direct neuroimaging evidence on the effect of Mediated Learning Experience is lacking up till now, there is some indirect evidence. The brain's development is not...

5. From Dynamic Assessment to Intervention: Can we get there from here?
LIDZ, CAROL S.; HAYWOOD, H. CARL // Transylvanian Journal of Psychology; 2014 Special Issue, p81 

The dynamic model of assessment is one of Reuven Feuerstein's most important and influential contributions to both theory and practice, one that crosses boundaries of content domain, age, gender and ethnicity, venue, and purpose. Feuerstein not only reinforced the desirability of including..

6. Effects of schooling on level of cognitive functioning and analogical reasoning modifiability

RÉKA, JÁNOS // Transylvanian Journal of Psychology; 2014 Special Issue, p109 

Examination of cognitive development of children has centered on performance testing. Less attention has been paid to learning potential measurements. In this paper we will present two studies focusing on relationship between chronological age, schooling and analogical reasoning. The aim of...

7. Never Say Never to Learning -- Dynamic Cognitive Intervention (DCI) for persons with Severe Mental Illness.

HADAS-LIDOR, NOAMI; WEISS, PENINA // Transylvanian Journal of Psychology; 2014 Special Issue, p133 

The purpose of this paper is to describe evidence-based research carried out in populations related to the field of mental health, based on the theories and work done by Prof. Reuven Feuerstein. These studies originated from Hadas-Lidor's Dynamic Cognitive Intervention (DCI) approach, which is..

8. Adults with intellectual disability are accessible to change beyond the limitation of age - from vision to empirical findings

LIFSHITZ-VAHAV, HEFZIBA // Transylvanian Journal of Psychology; 2014 Special Issue, p153 

The Structural Cognitive Modifiability theory and the active modifying approach were developed by Reuven Feuerstein and his colleagues in the mid- 1970s (Feuerstein and Rand, 1974). The basic assumption underlying these theories is that, by nature, the human organism is a system open to its...

9.  David S. Martin - Instrumental Enrichment: impacts upon learners who are deaf

10. Neuro-teaching in Primary School. The principles of Feuerstein's mediated learning integrated into school curriculum.
VEDOVELLI, CRISTINA // Transylvanian Journal of Psychology; 2014 Special Issue, p195 

The aim of this experimental research is to examine Reuven Feuerstein's educational theory. By expanding on theories from Piaget and Vygotsky, Feuerstein described a method to teach students how to study through the development of an active structural approach. This is effective for learning...

11. Noami Hadas-Lidor - What Reuven Feuerstein meant to me

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